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3 Reasons People are Moving to Buckeye, AZ  

June 06, 2024

Buckeye is one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona, attracting new transplants and longtime residents looking for a change of pace from the bustle of Central Phoenix. The city is popular for several reasons, which include a low cost of living, a fast-growing technology sector, and its commitment to sustainability.  

Teravalis is proud to make its home in Buckeye, a city whose leadership shares many of the same values as we do at Howard Hughes. These include a desire to be at the forefront of innovation, a commitment to a carbon-neutral future, and the goal to build a family-friendly community that will support generations to come. Check out some of the many reasons why Buckeye, AZ, is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand places to live.  

Buckeye, AZ is Affordable

Buckeye ranks as one of the most affordable housing markets in the Phoenix metro area. The city boasts a low cost of living and is close to major highways making it very connected. The area still maintains a small-town feel, with several community gatherings and events like the annual Buckeye Air Fair and events like the Buckeye Marathon 

Housing prices in Buckeye are lower than comparable homes you will find in other cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale. Buckeye is the largest city in Arizona by area, so you’ll have a lot more space to travel and enjoy nature than you would in a more congested city. 

Buckeye, AZ has Immense Job Opportunities

Buckeye will be near some of the most advanced technology hubs coming to Arizona in the next few years. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) will soon be opening its doors sometime in early 2025. The plant is estimated to bring in nearly 4,500 jobs to the West Valley. The plant will primarily focus on building large volumes of four-nanometer semiconductors (N4) which perform 11% better compared to their N5 semiconductors – and at a smaller size. These chips are used in high-performance computing and mobile phone technologies. 

Recently, KORE Power Inc. received a key approval to begin construction of their KOREPlex Battery Facility in Buckeye, AZ. The site will produce highly efficient lithium-ion batteries for use in the electric vehicle and battery storage industries. As a community that aims to use a wide range of renewable energy and offer charging stations for its residents, Teravalis is excited to see this project come to life. The facility is estimated to employ more than 3,000 full-time workers, meaning many of our residents will have the opportunity to help advance our technology to achieve a zero-emission future. 

Some of the largest employers in Buckeye include:

  • Canam Steel Corp 
  • Cardinal Glass Industries 
  • Arizona Public Service (APS) 
  • Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station 
  • Yates/Buick Pontiac GMC 
  • H-Four Farms 
  • Pulte Homes 
  • Abrazo Buckeye Emergency Center 

Nearby cities like Goodyear are also attracting new businesses looking to take advantage of their Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status. FTZs are areas that are not recognized as U.S. soil, which allows them to store materials and manufacture new products without having to pay duties and other taxes. The zones are approved jointly by state and federal governments with the goal of attracting global business to US soil. With so many new companies making Buckeye their home, new residents can be sure to find in-demand and future-forward careers.  

Experience Buckeye’s Tranquil Desert Landscapes

Probably the most enticing aspect of the Buckeye area is its closeness to nature and its stunning desert landscapes. The city of Buckeye has made protecting the local wildlife and regional species of the Belmont and White Tank Mountains a top priority. Howard Hughes has donated to the White Tank Mountains Conservancy to further promote their extensive conservation efforts in the region. The Buckeye area is rife with living mountains, places where animals can live freely and thrive. To ensure these areas stay safe for wildlife, the city has set aside land for wildlife corridors, allowing animals to travel freely without contacting residents. These corridors allow residents to enjoy the tranquility of nature without infringing on animals’ natural habitats. 

Teravalis is committed to making sure the surrounding environment stays untouched while allowing its residents to enjoy the High Sonoran Desert’s natural beauty within Buckeye. Our future amenity center, Flourish, will include several outdoor gathering areas where residents can enjoy activities or simply sit back and watch Arizona’s famous sunsets. Flourish will also include a community botanical trail where residents can tour the natural flora.  

Buckeye is growing fast, and for good reason. The city is brimming with opportunity and natural beauty, two qualities that exemplify the spirit of our great state. Howard Hughes is excited to watch Teravalis grow and thrive in Buckeye, where residents will be able to build a prosperous future and lasting community engagement. 

About Teravalis™

Teravalis is primed to be a 37,000-acre premier master planned community located in the West Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area, in Buckeye, Arizona. Translating to “land of the valley,” Teravalis is positioned between the White Tank and Belmont Mountain ranges and is committed to embracing the natural High Sonoran Desert beauty. Utilizing innovative technology and sustainable planning, the community will feature unparalleled amenities and wide-open spaces to explore and discover. Teravalis is a community of Howard Hughes, known for its mission to curate vibrant communities that elevate the everyday, creating meaningful moments in great places where people can live their best lives – and thrive for generations to come.