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Teravalis: An ENERGY STAR Community

June 27, 2024

Energy efficiency is a top priority at Howard Hughes. When designing our initial vision for Teravalis, we wanted to be sure that the entire community featured innovative ways to lower our impact on the environment and help our residents lower their costs of living. The federal government-backed ENERGY STAR program was established in 1992 to inform the public about the most energy-efficient appliances and tools on the market. This coveted label also applies to homes, and Teravalis is committed to ensuring every new home built will include the ENERGY STAR label, so residents know their home was built with energy efficiency in mind.


The ENERGY STAR program is backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the goal of delivering energy-efficient products to the public. By providing full transparency into a product’s energy usage and carbon footprints, consumers can make informed decisions that will save them money in utility costs and help protect the environment. Any product that meets the strict criteria established by the program is eligible to receive the ENERGY STAR label, signifying it is more energy-efficient than other products in its class.

New homes and apartments are eligible to receive the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR homes must meet specific benchmarks to receive this honor, which are confirmed through third-party testing, inspection, and certification. Here are some of the benefits residents can expect when purchasing or renting an ENERGY STAR-certified home:

  • New homes or apartments must be at least 10% more energy efficient than other residences built at minimum code levels.
  • High-quality insulation and energy-saving windows to keep out heat and drafts.
  • High-efficiency air conditioning systems.
  • Better resale value. Studies show home sales are up to 8% better for ENERGY STAR-certified houses.
  • Lower utility bill costs.

How Do Homes Qualify for ENERGY STAR?

Homebuilders seeking ENERGY STAR certification for their homes or apartments must do so through a cooperative third-party inspection process. An independent rating company first performs the inspection, which is then signed off by an EPA-approved organization, like the Home Certification Organization (HCO) or a Multifamily Review Organization (MRO).

In Buckeye, AZ, homes must follow stringent program requirements to qualify for ENERGY STAR. For example, all newly built single-family homes in Arizona must meet the criteria outlined in the National Program Requirements, and all newly built multi-family homes must meet the requirements outlined in the multi-family National Program Requirements. Within each of these programs, inspectors will grade the overall energy efficiency of select appliances, quality of insulation, and more. Here are a few things inspectors look for in newly built homes:

  • Improved insulation and sealing to better maintain internal temperatures and lower air conditioning costs.
  • Better humidity control to protect homes from mold and water damage.
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling to reduce power usage and lower utility bills.
  • Water-efficient plumbing that helps conserve water.
  • Low-energy lighting and appliances like LED bulbs and high-efficiency washers and dryers that conserve energy.

Teravalis Homes Will Offer More Than Energy Efficiency

In 2022, Howard Hughes communities garnered 20 ENERGY STAR certifications nationwide, along with several Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and BOMA 360 awards. Teravalis has pledged that every single new home built will be ENERGY STAR certified. That’s up to 100,000 sustainably built homes across 37,000 acres of real estate over a multidecade development timeline.

On top of energy efficiency, every new home will also be WaterSense certified, signaling that Teravalis homes will be 30 percent (30%) more water-efficient than current new construction homes.

These are just a few ways that Teravalis is leading the way in sustainable homebuilding. Along with our contributions to the White Tank Mountains Conservatory, residents of Teravalis can be sure that their community was built responsibly with nature in mind — and will continue to do so for years to come.

About Teravalis™

Teravalis is primed to be a 37,000-acre premier master planned community located in the West Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area, in Buckeye, AZ. Translating to “land of the valley,” Teravalis is positioned between the White Tank and Belmont Mountain ranges and is committed to embracing the natural High Sonoran Desert beauty. Utilizing innovative technology and sustainable planning, the community will feature unparalleled amenities and wide-open spaces to explore and discover. Teravalis is a community of Howard Hughes, known for its mission to curate vibrant communities that elevate the everyday, creating meaningful moments in great places where people can live their best lives – and thrive for generations to come.