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Health Benefits of Living in the Buckeye Area 

January 18, 2024

Maintaining an active lifestyle and having access to a wide range of healthy food options is arguably the best way to stay healthy. This can be easier said than done if the area you live in lacks amenities or is far away from fresh food and produce. This was a major consideration when choosing a location for the Teravalis community. 

Teravalis will be situated in the heart of Buckeye, near wide open spaces and local farms. But those are just a few benefits Buckeye residents enjoy. Everything from the sunny weather to convenient travel are just some ways making a home in Teravalis has a positive impact on your health. Here are a few examples of the health benefits of living in Teravalis. 

Wide Open Spaces Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

Teravalis is located just minutes away from the White Tank Mountains. This is a popular hiking, biking, and exploring spot for many locals and features unique petroglyphs that date as far back as 10,000 years. Teravalis alone has allocated more than 7,000 acres dedicated to open space, which will provide access to popular outdoor activities.  

So much has been said about the relationship between health and exercise, but having convenient access to wide open spaces offers tons of flexibility to accommodate different workout routines. Hiking is an excellent way to get cardio and build leg and calf muscles since most of your walking or running will be up and down hills. Mountain biking is also a popular way to get a quick cardio workout while offering a little more challenge complete with beautiful mountain views.  

Beyond physical fitness, spending time outdoors can also improve your mental health and lead to a happier life. According to studies, schools near wide open, natural spaces promote better cognitive health in children. There are also emotional benefits to connecting with nature. Spending time outdoors results in increased happiness in adults and the desire to connect with others. 

Health Benefits of Living in Buckeye, AZ

Sunshine and Warm Weather

They don’t call us the Valley of the Sun for nothing! The Phoenix Metro area gets around 300 days of sunshine a year. Sunshine is one of the primary ways we get vitamin D, which is essential in maintaining healthy bones. Without it, your body cannot absorb calcium, one of the primary minerals needed to build strong bones, effectively.   

Sunshine also acts as an anti-inflammatory and provides antioxidants that help guard against cancer.   

The West Valley also provides several days of warm weather throughout the year, offering plenty of outdoor activities and gathering opportunities. The area’s winters are also mild, with temperatures rarely dipping below 40 degrees. If you are a fan of snow in the winter, worry not. Flagstaff is only a couple hours away and offers skiing and snowboarding for winter sports fans. 

Access to Local Produce

For being in a desert, the West Valley has a huge selection of local farms and produce. Duncan Family Farms has been operating in Goodyear for over 19 years. Duncan Family Farms specializes in culinary herbs and organic microgreens, which are delivered throughout the Valley’s top restaurants.  

Another local farm, Blue Sky Organic Farms, is also in the West Valley and grows a huge range of local fruits and veggies, from artichokes to watermelons. 

Finally, Hickman Family Farms is located right here in Buckeye. This Arizona staple has been delivering farm-fresh eggs to Arizonans since 1944 and you can find their eggs in just about any grocery in the Phoenix-Metro area. Beyond providing the freshest eggs to the valley, they’re also committed to sustainability. Over 1 million plastic bottles are recycled weekly to make their egg cartons. 

Health Benefits of Living in Buckeye, AZ

Newer Homes

Finally, people who live in newer homes also experience better health. Over the years, technology in homebuilding has gotten much more advanced. Many older buildings still contain materials that can affect your health, like lead and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These materials are now banned but can still be found in some homes over 50 years old.  

Newer safety regulations also make newer homes a far better investment in your health than older homes. Outdated gas lines and electricity setups cause many issues down the line that can be dangerous if not addressed – and cost a lot to repair when you do.  

Howard Hughes works with some of the most reputable homebuilders in the nation, providing quality homes featuring the latest smart technology. In fact, Howard Hughes communities were awarded 48 LEED Certifications in 2022 for producing healthy and highly efficient homes and buildings.