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What is a Master Planned Community? 

March 13, 2024

Master planned communities (MPCs) have been around for decades. In fact, one of our founders, James Rouse, is nicknamed “Grandfather of Master Planned Communities” for the many large-scale communities he designed as far back as the 1950s. However, size is just one aspect that defines a master planned community. These communities also feature many benefits, from robust amenities to quality schools for residents. 

What is the Purpose of a Master Planned Community?

A MPC is a thoughtfully planned mixed-use area complete with homes and typically includes amenities, such as playgrounds, parks, gyms, local shops, and much more. Typically built by a single developer, MPCs are designed to create a cohesive place for residents.  

Teravalis will soon become the largest master planned community in the state of Arizona. But our vision doesn’t stop there. Our community will grow alongside nature and feature state-of-the-art innovations and technology. Let’s look at some of the common traits of a master planned community and how Teravalis sets itself apart. 

The Benefits of Living in a Master Planned Community 

Master planned communities are designed to bring people together by providing common areas outside their front door. Neighborhoods are often near exclusive community amenities where families can gather and connect. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience in these areas.

Convenience Close to Home 

One of the most desirable things about living in a MPC is the number of conveniences incorporated. Residents will find many educational, social, and lifestyle venues within the community. For example, many neighborhoods are especially suited for families who value having schools close to home. MPCs aim to provide a wide range of facilities that appeal to all residents, no matter what stage of life they’re in. 

Unparalleled Amenities 

Master planned communities also often feature amenities designed to keep residents active and entertained. In many communities, you’ll find exclusive amenities like nature parks, hiking trails, sparkling pools, gyms, bustling cafes, casual bistros, and activity centers created exclusively for residents to enjoy. Master planned communities help bring people and families closer together by giving them a wide range of activities where they can connect and share common hobbies and interests.  

Close-Knit Communities 

 MPCs are designed to foster a sense of togetherness brought about by the number of locations where people can enjoy shared interests and socialize. This is a benefit not only for adults but also for children. Living near popular destinations like parks or taking part in local community events helps to provide a positive social network for children. The more close-knit a community is, the more support residents provide for one another.

How Teravalis is Redefining Master Planned Communities

Teravalis seeks to expand on the concepts first introduced by James Rouse by creating a community where people can live, work, play, and discover new interests. We are providing a diverse range of smart homes that meet the needs of our residents, regardless of their life stage. 

 We aim to create 1.5 jobs per household in Teravalis so residents can truly prosper together without the commute. 

To protect the resources of one of the most beautiful states in the nation, we will include a wide range of WaterSense homes that reduce our environmental impact. Energy use is also a top priority. We aim to build multiple forms of renewable technology to help power homes. 

Finally, we’re working with local stakeholders to maintain the area’s wildlife corridors and living mountains so local wildlife can thrive alongside residents in their natural habitats.  

About Teravalis™

Teravalis is primed to be a 37,000-acre premier master planned community located in the West Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area, in Buckeye, Arizona. Translating to “land of the valley,” Teravalis is positioned between the White Tank and Belmont Mountain ranges and is committed to embracing the natural High Sonoran Desert beauty. Utilizing innovative technology and sustainable planning, the community will feature unparalleled amenities and wide-open spaces to explore and discover. Teravalis is a community of Howard Hughes, known for its mission to curate vibrant communities that elevate the everyday, creating meaningful moments in great places where people can live their best lives – and thrive for generations to come.